Taking That Step

Taking That Step
Photo-A-Day #1632

Today we spent part of the day over at the pool at Dan and Marcia’s. Eva has been taking swimming lessons since she was six months old. She loves the pool. Dan and Marcia picked up some “noodles” for her and Eva had so much fun playing with them. This image might look like she had some trepidation over her plunge into the water but I assure you she jumped in over and over for over an hour, the longest that she’s been in the water.


What can Eva’s Swimming Teach us about Blogging?

You might be thinking about blogging but you are unsure of what to write about. You might be wondering if anyone is going to want to listen to what you have to say. You might be wondering if you have to time, money, skill or ambition to be a blogger. Forget that little voice in your head telling you no and take that step.

Get Prepared

Eva didn’t jump right into the pool at 6 months old and start swimming like a little fish. She learned basic things as she took classes for a little time each week. The lessons that she learned were reinforced by Allison and me. She had feedback and additional lessons to learn. As a blogger you should learn as much as you can as you try little and apply what you learn. A great place to start is through the Darren Rowse 31 Days to a Better Blog ebook. This is a great resource for both the novice blogger and the experienced blogger alike. All bloggers should seek mentors, people who will push them and challenge them to become better.


Writers write, and bloggers blog. While you do not need to put up a post every single day you should learn something new each and every day to educate yourself and become a better blogger. Read other blogs, install and test out plug ins, read the FAQs of tools that you are using and learn as much as you can about the platform you are on, I recommend WordPress because there is so much that you can do with it.

Jump In Feet First

What are you waiting for! If you have even an inkling to start a blog do it, you might continue and succeed, you might decide it is not for you but there is no reason to stand on the edge of the pool and wonder what the water is like.

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  1. Thanks Dwan.
    I love 31 Days and I plan to do it once again after Blog World Expo. Only a few more days, looking forward to meeting you.

  2. Great way to hook cutie-pie pics into a great blog post, love that skill. The skill of incorporation. I have totally enjoyed checking into see what you and the FAM are up to today…. know I mentioned it before but love that you are such a family man…. your pictures tell a story without you typing a thing…. unconditional love and devotion to the people who mean the most! Bravo!

  3. I have totally enjoyed checking into see what you and the FAM are up to today…. know I mentioned it before but love that you are such a family man…

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