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Family Time

I’m a new dad so maybe I’m no expert but one thing that we continue to do with Eva is take her places. I’m into photography, you might have noticed my link to The BenSpark on the right, that is my main blog for my Photo-A-Day Project. Well, Allison and I just joined a photography meetup.com group and we both enjoy going to events. Well, if we both go then what do we do with Eva. We take her along for sure.

I know many families that keep the kids in the house and become hermits once the baby comes along. We can’t and won’t do that. There are just so many things that we want to do and we can take Eva with us on each adventure. Sure there might be some tough spots….

Baby off roading

… and you really have to plan differently when you have a kid in tow. For instance I am hyper punctual and having a baby has ‘mellowed’ that a bit for me. However, sometimes Allison and I are still assuming that we are the same people we were before Eva. So we have to communicate with each other so we work as a team to get all of Eva’s needs met so we can go on our adventures and have everything we need so Eva can enjoy the day too.

So, plan ahead, pack ahead and look ahead when you are taking kids with you on adventures. That will help cause less stress in your life.

The other great thing about these adventures is that we have such great memories of our times together and whenever we get a chance we take tons of photos of the family. I never get tired of taking photos of this kid, I mean, look at this expression.

"Hold Me Back Momma....

She’s ready to take on the world.

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