Last night Allison and I had the pleasure of talking with Wes Molebash on the first WesCast Live. Wes Molebash, if you don’t know who he is You really should know who Wes is. Wes is the creator of You’ll Have That a fantastic webcomic that you should read every single day.

We’ve been friends with Wes for a while now and you can see many of his comics at our house. This includes the custom Wedding comic that Allison gave me and soon we will also have the Anniversary comic that I gave Allison on our walls.

The show ended up being about an hour long and we had talked for about 15-20 minutes prior to the recording. We talked about our blog, photos, cats, TV, Charles Schulz, comic strips and the TV show Heroes. I hope you find this interesting. I am thinking about doing a Talkcast on this blog soon. I’m thinking of doing one with friends who are fans of The Office to talk about an episode of the Office sometime in the future.

Listen to TalkShoe – Talkcast – WesCast Live!

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