I was at Target yesterday picking up a few things, Like a DVD cleaner, (Didn’t work the DVD burner still doesn’t work, evil machine) and some clearance Premium HP photo paper (suckers) and an ink cartridge for the photo printer (which should take the HP 58 ink cartridge but I digress, oh the one I bought when I bought the computer back in February fits my Dad’s printer, so free ink cartridge for him.)

But what I saw while standing in line was a woman with two kids behind me actually follow through on a threat to leave the store. The woman’s screaming little girl would not behave so the woman took her pocketbook and her two kids and left the store. She left the entire cart with her purchases and left the store completely. I wanted to applaud.

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No Responses to “Target discipline…”

  1. andycamp says:

    I am not so sure I would be totally fired up about this. True following through on a threat to a child is very important but leaving a full shopping cart is just being a jerk.
    Someone now has to take that cart and restock. Also what it you were at the supermarket and there were freezer items in there. You know the store is just going to restock the freezer items but I don’t want to buy an item that has defrosted in a cart for a while then been refrozen. I would say if you can’t control you kids don’t bring them out in public. There is a reason homes come with closets. I remember spending lots of time when I was a child sitting is a closet making flashlight animals on the walls till my parents came home.

    Society is too easy on the children to today. Not only do then not have to walk uphill to school both ways but we now drive them to the bus stop. Come on if little Johnny can’t walk to the end of the street. Maybe it is time to put the play station away and sign him up for little league, or karate.

  2. Drew says:

    The shopping cart did not have any perishables in it however it did have the toys that the child wanted. Yes children should get out more. Kids are way too spoiled these days. I agree.

    However it certainly is a pet peeve of mine when people leave frozen foods in the chips aisle and whatnot.