Tech Activity: Photo Walking

Photo Walking. I had not heard of this before but I read on Scoble’s blog about a photo walking tour in San Francisco’s Chinatown. Thomas Hawk leads this Photo Walk around the city’s Chinatown district. Photo Walking sounds like a very fun activity and is something I would really like to try doing with Allison or the two of us with a group.

I found a website about Photo Walking in Boston. I may sign up to go and do a tour. That would be a great way to learn the city and have a photographic tour of what you saw while in the City. Watch the Scoble show to find out more about Photo Walking.

I was also thinking that I could couple a Photo Walk with one of National Geographic Traveler Magazine’s Walks of a Lifetime Podcasts and do a self guided Photo Walk. I hope that one of my trips coincides with on of the places I have a podcast for. When I do a Photo Walk I’ll be posting it. Be on the lookout for it. Even Allison is excited about doing this sometime.

I posted this too quickly, Scoble has a whole category of Scoble Shows with Photo Walking as the subject. I just subscribed to that feed. And when I get home my Video iPod is getting loaded with Photo Walking podcasts.

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