Tech Tuesday with BenSpark #11

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I hear about many different websites for fun and exciting add ons for my blog and this week I am going to share one with you.

Just the FAQs please.

Today I signed up for Faqqly, it is a blog tool that you can use to generate your very own FAQ about you, your blog or anything. So I set one up for my blog, The BenSpark and the address to that Faqqly FAQ is

So, what can you do on Faqqly? You can generate your own FAQ page where readers of your blog can go to ask questions for you to answer. I get asked all the time, “Why BenSpark?” My name is Drew and not Ben, so where did it come from? Ask me the question on my Faqqly page and I will answer it.

You can also interview people that you find interesting. For example if any FuelMyBlog personality, like for instance Kevin, had a Faqqly page I could interview that person. Interviews are collections of questions to one person organized in one location. You can use the interviews to publicize an interesting personality by interviewing him or her.

There are also many questions that come up hourly throughout the day that you can answer and weigh in on.

So why did I sign up for Faqqly? I signed up because I think that it will add a new dimension of interaction between myself and my readers. If a reader asks a question I will answer it, maybe someone else has a follow up question then they can leave a comment and I will respond to that as well. And if people like your response then they can give you Qudos (Faqqly version of Kudos).

I encourage you to sign up and go ahead and ask me a question. Let me know what you think about this blog tool.

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