Hello Fans of the BenSpark! Ready for Turkey Day? Tradition for me is to travel to my grandmother’s in Hull, MA. This year there will be 10 cousins, 2 of their spouses, 7 aunts and uncles, 2 “significant others,” and a Nana in a pear tree…all cozy in a room that shouldn’t fit a quarter of those people!! But Nana’s 82 and she likes it-so we do what we can. I’d much rather be home watching “Home for the Holidays.”

Thank you so much for putting up with me all week!! I hope that everyone enjoyed the Guest Photo A Day as much as I did…it’s amazing how much talent is out there. I’m anxious for the master bloggers, The Bennetts (awww!!), and steer the ship once again. I hope the trip was amazing, I can’t wait to see pictures…of ARUBA!!

Happy Thanksgiving, BenSpark-ers!! Enjoy your holiday and travel safe!!

“Guest Blogger” Mo

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