Thanks Michael and XShot!

Thanks XShot!

I received this package of Godiva Chocolates from Michael from XShot. Michael has had the faith in me to provide me with XShot’s to give to bloggers to get the word out about the product. I now can get the word out about XShot and earn a little income as well. As a member of SocialSpark I can earn income each time someone buys an XShot through this blog. And I use this product all the time so it is great that I can recommend it and earn something as well. I also believe in this product and hope that more people purchase this product so that Michael and XShot, LLC succeed.

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7 thoughts on “Thanks Michael and XShot!”

  1. Laurie,
    I bet we could get you hooked up since you are one of the awesome IZEA Insiders. Or you could win one from me since no one has given me good advice on how to get more sales through the social spark affiliate links. I have only sold one and I have so many posts about XShot going back years.

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