Photo-A-Day #2682

A few days ago my internet buddy Lenny sends me an e-mail. His e-mail to me says “so they were cleaning up the bedrooms where I work and there son no longer wanted lego death star. I am talking about the big set. 2 and a half foot tall death star. I figured you might like it since you are a lego collector“. Naturally I ask him how much they were selling it for. Well, come to find out that they were just throwing it away. A $400 LEGO set being tossed in the trash! I said that of course I’d take it. It’s the Death Star!

So we worked out a night to meet so that he could give it to me. We met tonight in a McDonald’s parking lot. The set was in an old HP bag and was a bit disassembled but is approximately 90% intact. Even if it is not completely together I can still use it for parts and build some cool stuff with it. I have over 50 LEGO Star Wars sets that are in the basement (bought during a time when I had a lot of disposable income and no responsibilities). The sets are waiting for the day that Eva and I watch Star Wars for the first time.

So I’ll take the Death star home, try and find the instruction books online and figure out what pieces I might be missing and see if I can complete the set. It was a really nice thing that Lenny did for me, so I thank him for thinking of me and saving this set from the scrap heap.

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One Response to “That’s No Moon”

  1. Leonard Kuperstein says:

    It would be funny if you use some of you legos to make the Death Star trash compactor set.