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The Aliens are Coming! Fight Back! Review: App Blaster

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I received an App Blaster from SpinMaster. This is THE iPhone case that you need in an alien invasion. Well, maybe not real aliens but the funny ones from AlienAttack the free iPhone App that you can download and use with the App Blaster. With this game you can protect your home, office, park, bathroom… you name it. The game is great because it turns your surroundings into a battlefield.

App Blaster

The App Blaster is Compatible with Apple iPhone and iPod touch. I have an iPhone 4S and it fits into the case very snugly, which is a good thing because if you put it in without the special space for the iPhone 4S when you aim downwards the phone is too far away from the trigger buttons. The toy has two triggers so that you can shoot your conventional weapon and a secondary weapon.

App Blaster with iPhone 4S shim

Also, don’t worry about your phone falling off the App Blaster because you can also securely lock it into place upon the blaster itself.

Locking the iPhone case on the App Blaster

But how is the game itself? It is fun. The aliens are funny and cute. Gameplay is pretty easy and the controls are decent. I have a screen protector on my iPhone and the controls are pretty responsive, too. I was concerned about that but the directions state that a screen protector is recommended.

Protecting the Kids Toys

To play you start the game and you can see on the radar that Aliens are all around you. You can actually make the enemy range be 90 degrees, 180 degrees or 360 degrees. You can also choose augmented reality, which uses the iPhone’s camera or set the game to Starfield and play that way. No matter how you play you’ll be spinning around fending off crazy aliens armed with boxing gloves, baseball bats and meat cleavers. Get ready to defend yourself!

The App Blaster itself can be used for additional games so once you are done playing AlienAttack you can play even more games. The physical App Blaster can break down to blaster alone or blaster with a shoulder stock. It all depends on your comfort.

Disclosure: I received this game to play and review. the opinions about it are 100% my own.

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