The Appearance of Calm

Photo-A-Day #2499

He totally started crying seconds after this shot.

It was a good day for photos of Andrew today. Allison took some amazing ones of him alone as well as one with him with Allison. Today was also Pajama Party Day. Eva decided that today would be a Pajama Party day. So, since I was going to end up going back to bed at 1:00pm I got into the spirit of it and put on some PJs. We played some Skylanders and played with stickers, had some breakfast and enjoyed a nice lunch. All in our PJs. It was something fun that Eva wanted to do so we indulged her a bit. It certainly had nothing to do with being a little lazy on a Friday before a work weekend.

We continue to play Skylanders and have so much fun with it. Even though I have beaten the game I continue to play because the characters can be upgraded further. There are Heroic Challenges that each character can do and then they can can upgrade things like: Armor, Speed, Critical Hit, Elemental power and more. So once I get each character fully upgraded then we should be ready for Skylanders Giants coming this fall. I can’t wait for that. I am so excited. Check out the video. Eva loves the video.

I’m pretty excited about this game. There will be 20 new Skylanders and 8 giants. I believe that the giants will most likely be one to an element. Since there are 8 elements in the game it makes sense that the 8 giants will be aligned to the elements. I also finished the game again today and I wonder if Kaos will end up as one of the new Skylanders. It would be cool if he did and that way you could play as a bad guy messing things up. Eva would not approve but I think it would be fun.

We had a nice dinner of a roasted Chicken. Had to put Duncan in the Basement. Thank you for the Cat Door Dad! I’m so glad it locks. Of course he tried is damnedest to get out too. He was scratching and banging on the door. But there was no way that little scavenger was getting out. He’s trying to eat everything now. You cannot leave anything out for a second or he’ll be sniffing around. The one thing he doesn’t go for is popcorn, that is Oliver’s territory.

On the way to work I grabbed the mail and inside was my Blu-Ray copy of Transformers Prime: Season 1 Limited Edition!!

I cannot wait to watch this, check out all the commentary and more. It is not coming out until March 6th and I’ll have a full review of all the features a few days before the release.

We are only a week away from the premiere of Season 2 of Transformers Prime too. Can’t wait!

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