The best profit of future is the past

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Fortunate BluFrog Wisdom – Daily Fortune Cookie

The best profit of future is the past
“The best profit of future is the past”

A new feature for is the Fortunate BluFrog wisdom of the day.


One day I brought a fortune cookie to work and ate it with my lunch. I opened it and it said “Be on the Alert for New Opportunities” I placed the fortune in front of my can of BluFrog Wildly Healthy Energy Drink and shot off a picture to twitpic and utterli. I said in the caption, “is this a sign?” Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t but from there an idea was born. The FortunateBluFrog post came into being.

Later in the week I brought another fortune cookies to work and again shot a picture of it in front of my can of BluFrog. That fortune said, “If you are never scared, embarrassed or hurt, it means you never take chances.” I began to think about the fortune cookie as a means to a daily post.

What wisdom could be garnered from this cryptic cookie?

A simple message in a fortune can spark the imagination in many different ways. Each person interprets the fortunes themselves and many people put the obligatory and sometimes hilarious “in bed” at the end of the fortune. Some even put “in bed naked and screaming, laughing, etc” at the end of their fortunes. But I digress. I think that the wisdom from a simple fortune cookie can be interpreted to be more beneficial than half the things that so called online experts are telling you. So I will break open a fortune cookie each day and share with you the wisdom I find inside. I bought myself 3 dozen fortune cookies last night. But if you want to help continue the fortune cookie trend you can always order me a container from my Amazon Wish List.

Why Fortunate BluFrog

In BluFrog I have found a very incredible drink. I’ve had quite a few cans over the past couple of weeks and I have to say that on the days I drink BluFrog I am more awake, alert and focused. On the off days I go back to being sleepy, bored and distracted. I’ve been weighing the pros and cons of becoming a distributor of BluFrog as well. If we do so our domain name for our BluFrog blog will be Fortunate because of the fortune cookie thing as well as our being fortunate enough to have a wonderful life.

By earning money with BluFrog we will be able to give more back to those who are less fortunate. We will do this by earning money to free ourselves from credit card debt which in turn will provide us with more take home income. We’ve always said that we’ve wanted to contribute more, but it is hard to do when every paycheck goes towards bills and debt. However, we still consider ourselves fortunate.

You might recall this past Christmas when we were involved in the Sears Grant a Wish program. That made us decide to put away $10 a month towards our own $100 donation to Christmas is for Kids. At that time we also decided to put away $10 a month for Heifer International for Eva’s Farm. The Limu Company (parent of BluFrog) is big on giving back, so is IZEA and so is Market Leverage. Our family does what we can but we’d love to be able to do more, so that means additional income. This brings us back to today’s fortune.

“The best profit of future is the past”

I interpret today’s fortune to mean that a solid foundation will bolster your future efforts. Therefore the past and everything you’ve done in the past, good and bad is what will determine your progress in the future. Profit actually means “to make progress”, in Latin. You can certainly interpret profit to mean money but you can also interpret it to mean to make progress. So, I would say the best way to make progress in the future is rooted in what you have done in the past. If you have worked hard to build an audience for your blog, been respectful and engaging to that audience then it stands to reason that you will continue to improve in the future. If you have been neglectful of your audience and have been someone who does not contribute to the conversation but rather spews forth your own garbage with no regards to the actual conversation then it stands to reason that you will not make progress in the future. The future holds profit for those who have built a solid foundation of engagement, respect and transparency.

How do you interpret today’s fortune? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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