The Big Lebowski

Yesterday I was listening to the Pop Candy Podcast from back in September. This one was about the movie The Big Lebowski. Now I saw The Big Lebowski in the movie theater and it is one of the stories that my friends tell over and over. Basically it was me, Neil, Derek and Mike. After the movie Derek asked Neil what he thought of the movie. Neil said, “It was pretty good, except for the ending.” The Neil said, “Drew?” And I said, “Yeah, pretty much the same thing.” Then Derek asked Mike what he thought of the movie. Mike said, as if it was an original thought, “It was pretty good, except for the ending.” We all turn to Mike and start laughing because he committed to that response so much and it was as if the thought was his own completely. So in order to crack each other up we will respond when asked about anything, “It was pretty good, except for the ending.”

I however do not remember much about The Big Lebowski but apparently it has a huge following. I need to go back and probably watch this again, maybe with Neil and Derek, we already know what Mike thinks of the movie. In the podcast Whitney talks with two guys who started Lebowski Fest. Whitney then talks with Rob Thomas the creator of Veronica Mars about how The Big Lebowski lines make it into episodes of Veronica Mars. I’ve heard good things about Veronica Mars and maybe when I finally get caught up with Smallville I’ll get those DVDs.

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