The Day After

Merry Day after Christmas. Did you go to the sales, was Christmas not over at your house? Today Allison and I headed to the Cape to visit with the Grandparents Williams. We had breakfast with Grandma and Grandpa and Jim and Donna, Carissa, Shaun, Chris and Karen. Tara and Erik and Mom and Dad and Shelby came also. We had a nice visit and then headed further down the Cape.

In the Bennett family, Christmas comes twice a year. Each year we have the annual family Christmas Party with the Bennetts. That would be the Grandparents Bennett and their eight children and grandchildren and great grandchildren. The event is a very special one to Allison and I and we wouldn’t miss it for anything. The highlight of the day is the traditional Yankee Swap, (Where gifts are generally items from your home that are in good working order that would be useful to someone else but you no longer have a use for. Toothbrushes and half rolls of toilet paper excluded.) I have some photos from the weekend and will post them tomorrow. Right now I am beat.

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