The Flowers are Coming Back

Photo-A-Day #2559

A nice day today. I took Eva to school this morning. She was happy to be Snack Helper today. She loves having a job at school and Snack Helper is the top possible job. So she was very excited.

I came back home and watched episode two of Game of Thrones. That show just keeps getting better. I am really impressed by the actors and actresses in this show and love watching it each week. I try and watch it before we record Geek Dads Weekly each week and once Greg gets completely caught up we can talk again about it.

Allison and I headed back to Eva’s school for parent conferences and I got to read to her class. It was fun and I think the kids enjoyed it. I know that Eva was beaming through the story. She thanked me for coming in and reading to the class.

This afternoon I recorded another episode of Geek Dads Weekly with Daniel and Greg. We’re doing more with video now and We each record our part on video and Daniel is going to Synch everything up to make a great video for YouTube.

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