The Happy Potty

The Happy Potty

Eva has been reaching all sorts of milestones lately. While Allison and Eva were in PA Eva saw Allison’s friend’s little boy’s potty and she pointed and said “pot” Allison asked her if she’s like to pee on the potty and then held her over the big one and she went.

So, when they got home Allison and I figured that if she showed interest in using the potty then we’d pick up one for her. Allison was going to get a Baby Bjorn one and she even consulted other moms on facebook about it. But she got this one instead and it has worked out pretty well. Eva used it 3 times today and she’s little more than a week shy of a year and a half. We are quite proud.

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  1. Thanks Baba, we are really excited about how much she is learning every single day. Wow is all I can say. Good luck to Moyra

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