The Joy of Wi-Fi

I recently purchased a Wi-Fi Card and it is great. I was able to connect to Logan’s Wi-Fi network (which sucks because you have to pay for the Internet unlike say…. Every other airport where Wi-Fi access is FREE!) Logan sucks, it just does, alot.

Anyway I am Waco Texas right now. I’m down here with Peter and we are having a grand old time. Our flight left a little late but it did leave, so that was good. I got to read almost all of Sahara on the flight out. I have the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People to read on the way home. Gonna become more effective, yeah! Actually I worked on this book for a leadership program at Sacred Heart and I mentioned it to a supervisor in the training group and he wants me to present what I learned from the book to his group. Sweet!

Anyway after we landed I had a terrible headache because the $3.00 snack packs on the plane were sold out by the time they got to row 30 of the plane and I was unable to purchase one. So after we got our rental car Peter and I headed to Waco and along the way we stopped at Buffalo Wild Wings for some lunch / dinner / sustenance. We got 50 wing in set of 10 to mix it up with 5 of the Wild Wing flavors. Teriaki, Garlic, Hot, Sweet BBQ, and Caribbean Jerk. The waitress had no one else to serve so she chatted with us and brought us mild and severely death hot to try, I think it was called blazin’ not very tasty but hot, not death hot though. I liked the Caribbean jerk and the hot wings though. There should be a Buffalo Wild Wings in Massachusetts because the wings are great and there are so many TV’s for sports and whatnot. A great place.

Then Peter and I headed to Waco, to find the hospital and then the hotel. Along the way I got these two pictures.

At some truck stop I saw this wildcat and said, “I need a picture of me with that thing.” And as Peter was taking the picture I could see a trucker walking into the building, he looks over and stops and makes the pose that I am making so I copied it and we all got a good laugh at me looking this a doof. Thought I’d share.

The sunsets here are BIG and awesome. Taken from the car as we sped down I-35 to Waco.

Anyway the hotel has free Wi-Fi and that is awesome. Gonna be updates from Texas all week.

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