The Kids React to Back to the Future

Kids react to Back to the Future
Photo-A-Day #4492

We’ve been introducing the kids to some of our movies from childhood. My favorite one from childhood was Back to the Future. It is still one of my most favorite movies ever and I can watch it over and over and see more that I’ve missed. This time around we watched the movie with the kids. Both of the kids were into the movie. They watched attentively and Eva was having giggle fits at certain parts. She laughed every time Doc Brown was on the screen. He did steal many scenes with his mannerisms and facial expressions.

Andrew started out pretty well but quickly succumbed to the time of day, we started the movie at 7pm. The kids usually start getting ready to sleep not long after 7pm. Andrew made it up until Marty actually went back to 1955. Then he was down for the count. Eva remained awake throughout the movie and I could tell that she really enjoyed it. There was only one part that Eva didn’t like and that was when Doc Brown is shot by the Libyans. She got through it and enjoyed the rest of the movie. I wonder if she knew that he wouldn’t remain dead?

Eva also had some interesting questions about time travel and also the time space continuum. Actually, Andrew asked me about the time space continuum right before the movie. He learned that term on Alvin and the Chipmunks. Crazy. I made a little video of the kids and their questions and reactions to the movie.

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