Have you heard of The Kieran Ridge Band? If not, you probably soon will. Kieran Ridge is a classmate of mine from the Saint Anselm College. He contacted me today asking for help because his band. The Kieran Ridge Band is in a contest where they could win the chance to play a large concert. His band is way out in the lead, but let’s keep him there okay!

I for one have already downloaded the song, and will probably do so many more times, as it kicks ass. Kieran has a great voice and the song is awesome. Please help The Kieran Ridge Band by going to this website http://www.musicforamerica.org/music/aid/516 and downloading his song “Lonesome Traveler”. You can also download another song of his called “Laborer’s Blues”. Also go to Kieran’s website to find out more about The Kieran Ridge Band.

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