Photo-A-Day #3191

Our neighbors have a winter wonderland of lights on their front yard and the wall in front of the yard. I’ve been wanting to get over there to take photos. I took this one of the lights on the wall with the 30mm pancake lens.

I contributed to the lights in the neighborhood by taking the big pile of lights on the front porch and draping them on the discarded Christmas Tree, which is still in the stand on the front porch. Then I plugged them in and turned them on.

Next year I swear I’ll be better.

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One Response to “The Last Lights”

  1. Aki says:

    Lol I love your post I live in a neighborhood where they do a lot of lights too. Every year I say I’ll do better and then time just gets away and next thing you know it’s New Years. Good luck on your lights next year
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