I received word that there are some fun things happening with PBS Kids. From new shows and specials to apps and a redesign of the PBSKids.org site there is a lot to talk about.

On Monday October 7th a brand new show will debut. That would be PEG + CAT a very cute and funny math based show for kids. I had gotten a screener for the show and even did a fun family activity around the show. I am looking forward to this new show especially because it is math based and might help the kids become more interested in math and science.

Along with the PEG + CAT TV show there is a cool new app called the PEG +CAT Big Gig App. Designed for children ages 3 to 6, the PEG + CAT Big Gig App leverages the original music from PEG + CAT to help kids understand math concepts such as numbers, counting, patterns and more. The app includes two activities: Big Gig and Sound Check. It is available for iPad, Kindle Fire and other Android devices.

Later in the month there will be a Curious George Halloween Special. This is the first ever Curious George Halloween special called CURIOUS GEORGE: A Halloween Boo Fest and it premieres 10/28. Here is a trailer for the special.

And lastly, the digital team at PBSKids.org has been working like crazy to launch a reinvented PBSKids.org site to serve kids ages 2-8 in one place.

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One Response to “The Latest PBS Kids News”

  1. mickle says:

    i loved the new design of PBSKids