The LGVX10000 Voyager

I’ve been debating over getting a new phone. Should I get the current EnV that is on the market or should I wait a bit for the LGVX10000. The EnV is $309 retail in the store and you can get $50 mail in rebate, and with Verizon’s new every 2 I can use $100 towards buying one so that brings the price to $149 in the store. Online the price starts at $249.00 and with the $50 off and $100 off it is $99.00. I wonder how these cell phone companies can do that, it is annoying. Granted I would much rather buy things online then get the hard sell from the guys in the shop.

What I am really wondering is if the price of the EnV will drop once the Voyager comes out. I am hoping that this will happen because I really want the EnV. My friend Mr. Fab has one and I want to be Fab too.

You can see a good review of the Voyager on Gizmodo too.

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