So I flew down to Washington Reagan airport today on U.S. Airways. Today U.S. Airways and America West merged, the airport (well just U.S. Airways) had a whole wedding theme going on to celebrate. There was cake, a punch fountain and decorations all over. I guess each U.S. Airways ticket counter or somesuch throughout the country had a contest today for the most spirit and their ticket area would get a makeover or something.

Anyway I got on the plane and picked up the magazine in the seat pocket, I think U.S. Airways’ magazine is called Attache or something. There was an article about beards and I wanted to read that and as I was flipping through the magazine I came upon a series of articles about New Hampshire and how that was an up an coming place, specifically Manchester, New Hampshire, my home for about 8 years. So, I am reading about the mills and how they now have a number of high tech companies in them. I remember working back in the mills with a hi tech company, that was a fun time. And then I read further and there is an article about all the colleges in Manchester, lo and behold Saint Anselm College is listed in the article first and the article talks about the Institute of Politics that is on campus. I glance at the ad on the next page and it is a full page ad for Saint Anselm College. Looks like the little college on the hill is doing well for itself.

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