The Machinski Family on the Big Give

Allison and I watched Oprah’s Big Give tonight and at the end there was a promo for next week. I was reading my book, The Treasure of Khan. I happened to look up and I saw Mike Machinski on The Big Give. Yes! A family that I know who could use a helping hand is getting help from Oprah’s Big give. How awesome is that. I am actually looking forward to watching a reality show next week, go figure.

You can help out the Machinski Family by going to Becky’s Jewelry site. Hope Creations.

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8 thoughts on “The Machinski Family on the Big Give”

  1. All I can say is wow!! In October 2007 My husband purchased a Black Chev Truck on EBay of a guy named Mike Machinski. He flew down to Pennsylvania and Mike had a person to pick him up at the airport to bring my husband (Craig) to his house to pick up the truck. When my husband got back to Newfoundland, Canada he told me he spent a couple of hours with Mike and he said to me ” I think he might have cancer”. Mike didn’t mention it and he wouldn’t ask. This is a message my husband sent Mike when he got back home.
    Hey Mike, all went well. I was home Monday morning with no problems. Thanks again.
    Mike responded and said he really loved that truck but he had to sell it to pay for his cancer treat. My husband and I were taken back, because my husband said not once while he was there did he complain about anything or even mention he had cancer.Then in March we saw advertisement on TV for Oprah’s Big Give and my husband said that’s Mike. I said to my husband it can’t be because you didn’t spend a lot of time with the gentleman to think it is him in a fast glance. But guess what it was Mike and that next week my husband and I sat down and watched the full show (which he doesn’t watch a lot of TV) but Mike I guess those few hours that my husband meet you, you had to made a difference in his life because he doesn’t remember people like that in such a short time of meeting them.

    Our prayers are with you and your family. Get well soon!!
    Arlene and Craig Randell

  2. Arlene,

    It is amazing that you found this blog and this post and what’s more your story about Mike and the truck is incredible. Mike and Becky and their kids are fantastic people. The really deserve all the hope that they can get. Thanks for the kind words.

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