I just read an article about Srenity in the New York Times. They like it. And you will like it too. Go see Serenity.

And yes I will keep asking, begging and cajoling until everyone I know has seen this movie.

New York Times Article.

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No Responses to “The New York Times Likes Serenity”

  1. JR says:

    Yeah people go see it as we need to give Fox reasons to bring back the thing in TV or movie form. Joss perfers tv based on IGN.com interviews. So we need to go out and make this great movie one of the best of 2005. It is the best genre movie of the year in some opinions. $50 Million will get more stories Joss says…So what are you waiting for….

  2. Drew says:

    That in my opinion woulld be the best case scenario. I won’t get my hopes up but it would be awesome if it happened, that would be unprecedented. Glad to hear you are on board too JR. We’ll be seeing you next month.