Photo-A-Day #3064

Okay, so I didn’t take a cab back to the train station. I hardly ever take a cab in NYC. I walk everywhere and I end up feeling it and paying the price after that. I walked from my hotel over on 39th and Lexington to Penn station over on 31st and 8th (I usually go in at that entrance). I got there in plenty of time because my train was delayed from a derailment earlier in the line. It was about an hour delay and I got onto the train without any issue. The ride home was productive and I worked on a bunch of posts.

I got home and spent some time with the family playing some games and having fun. They had gone to Roger Williams Park Zoo for the afternoon and had a great time. Eva was very excited about the Big Backyard playground and the fact that they have a trading area where she could trade things like rocks for other things like shells. It was nice to finally get home.

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