I think that you should be able to find the right size clothing easily. Having choices in clothing and being able to feel good about what you wear is important. I have read many stories about how retailers don’t carry sizes for all sized women. I’ve heard the phrase “Chubby girls get pregnant too” from time to time. It isn’t fair that cute clothes only be available in smaller sizes. Take swimsuits, most retailers carry only the tiny, waifish-sized swimsuits. So, where is a real sized woman supposed to shop? A woman who is full figured and who needs a swimsuit that can give her the proper support. Who will these women turn to to find the clothing that they are looking for?

I found the website BiggerBras.com and they carry a full line of beautiful full busted swimsuits, bras and other undergarments. You can even mix and match tops and bottoms to create the look that is totally you. The name says it all, BiggerBras.com. They carry a huge variety of cup sizes from 32AA to 56K. In addition to an easy to search website there are also resource areas where consumers can find answers to their questions. There is a fitting guide as well as videos that are helpful. There are so many different products available as well: Maternity bras, sport and medical bras as well as swimsuits.

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