Last night Allison and I watched 20/20 because of a story about Kevin Michael Connolly. Kevin was born without legs. When you are tooling around the world on a skateboard with no legs then you get a lot of stares. As Kevin said during his interview on 20/20 he would certainly be staring at a guy with no legs if he saw one. He turned those stares into an amazing art project called The Rolling Exhibition.

Kevin rolls along all over the world on his skateboard shooting by instinct. He doesn’t look through the viewfinder but rather he holds the camera at ground level using a wide angle lens and snaps as he goes and has captured over 32,000 images of people staring at him. His photos are very interesting and what’s more are the stories that people conjure up about what they think happened to him. Kevin says that people have all made their own stories up about why he has no legs from being attacked by a shark to being an Iraq war veteran. But he’s just a regular guy who was born without any legs.

Kevin’s story is pretty amazing, you can find out more about him at his website or the rolling exhibition website.

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2 Responses to “The Rolling”

  1. Renee says:

    I think he is an amazing, captivating, funny, attractive normal guy. I wish I was as happy as him. You go you.


  2. Drew says:

    I agree, he is a pretty amazing guy. His segment on 20/20 was also very entertaining.

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