The rush of water? No, it is a Blog Rush…

I don’t consider myself a bandwagon jumper but I guess that is what I have done. I jumped on the bandwagon for Blog Rush. This is a new service that bloggers can sign up for free to exchange links with many other bloggers and blogs. Some people are not thrilled with the idea of Blog Rush but already I have found a blog that I like.

I joined Blog Rush yesterday afternoon after I had seen more and more posts about it. So many posts that I had to check it out. I went to the Blog Rush website and watched their intro video and the idea sparked something in me. I would love to increase the readership of each of my blogs and I do like finding new blogs to learn about. So I monitor what types of posts are coming up on the Blog Rush widget and today I found one for kayaking and photography!

The blog is called paddling with a camera and the link is for Photokayaker. That is what I want to do on my kayak, I am going to be exploring this blog a bit more for great tips and idea for photography on the water. And that was found because I joined the Blog Rush. Join today and see what you will find.

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