Photo-A-Day #2331

When I was in New York for Affiliate Summit my friend and mentor Kim Ann Curtin gave me this camera. She found it in a cab on Father’s Day. I’m going to get more information from her about the cab company and other info. But we are going to try and find the owner of this camera. I did find a site that might help me out. I’m also going to post to Flickr, Facebook and to Twitter over and over and see if I can find the owner of this camera.

So far I have found a few sites where I can upload the photos and try to find the owner. – Has an interactive map. – Has been in the media.

I’ll be on the lockout for more places to upload the photos. There are 244 of them on the camera. I need a compact flash reader to get them off though. There is one on the home computer but not the work one.

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