The Sleepover

The Sleepover
Photo-A-Day #4716

Since we already knew that tomorrow would be a snow day we said yes to Andrew’s request to sleep on Eva’s floor. The kid has wanted to be able to have a sleepover for such a long time. He’s seen Eva have them and has wanted to be able to go on them, too. He’s still too young for it, but he can certainly sleep a night on Eva’s floor. He was over the moon about that.They didn’t even stay up all night, so that was good, too.

I’m glad that the kids did this, and Eva let Andrew stay with her. She’s starting to want more time to herself and at the same time he just wants to be with her and do everything he can to spend time with her. I hope that she lets him in but I think she’s just naturally going to pull away for a while. Let’s hope that they have the foundation to always be able to help each other and have fun.

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