The Smell of Disgust

The Smell of Disgust
Photo-A-Day #1274

This pretty much sums up my day. I absolutely hate bananas. I hate the smell, the texture, the taste and the look. I hate watching people eat bananas because I always see bits of banana in their open mouths. People get real close to you when they are eating bananas. I simply hate them, and yes I hate banana bread too, it has bananas in it!.

Why was my day like this? After work I went to the British Beer Company to celebrate my friend’s promotion. That was nice. What wasn’t nice was me leaving without leaving any money for the buffalo wings and soda I had. I was stuck in traffic and realized that I left without leaving any money. Oh man I felt horrible, I called my friend and my manager and explained what happened. I hope that they got the messages before the bill came.

I left in a rush because I was going to pick up Eva from Allison. Allison was volunteering to help out with Project Smile. Project Smile was having their 5th Anniversary Gala Event. The event was attended by special guests Gail Huff and J.C. Monahan of WCVB Channel 5 news, Boston. When I arrived Eva was in the lobby of the hotel with our friend Jenn. Eva’s eyes lit up when she saw me. I carried her to the room where the Gala was being held. There I met both J.C. Monahan and Gail Huff. They are both very beautiful and so nice. The were all about meeting Eva and she was so cute with them too. Eva is now waving like crazy and saying hi. Another reason I am disgusted with myself is that I didn’t have my camera or XShot with me so an awesome photo-a-day opportunity missed.

On top of that I screwed up Read To Me, Dad for most of the day but now it is back up and working. Some things are missing but I will figure it out tomorrow. Also if your comment is missing on that blog I will figure that out too. So I guess I was preoccupied with the blog being messed up all day.

I have one blog left to get moved over and that is The Wired Kayaker. Soon, soon I will fix that.

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