The Start of Something New

Photo-A-Day #1854

Today I attended the first gathering for the Young Professionals Organization. The YPO was borne out of the need for 20-30 somethings to network together in person in a way that we network. A bit of a backlash to the already established organizations that we would not be a part of because those organizations hold little appeal to us. However, I also see it as part of a stepping stone to bring us into the fold of those older organizations somewhere down the road when we are older as well.

However I just couldn’t stay at the event, which then moved from The Preservation Framer (my cousin Matt’s place) to the Speed of Thought Playhouse (My friend Christian’s Place). I had to get up to Sacred Heart Church because it was time for the last class of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. We were having a pot luck and I had created a video from the photos and videos from our “Shredding Party”. The video showcased the accomplishments of our group when it came to the program. When we started out there were 25-30 family units part of the program, when we ended there were about 20. Our consumer debt at the beginning was close to $1,000,000.00. We saved $39,000 into Emergency Funds, Retired 12 loans, 45 credit cards and $85,000 in debt. For three months those are pretty good numbers. I know that the program was great for Allison and I.

Photo Information

Date Taken:May 6, 2010
Camera: Motorola
Model: Droid
ISO: 56
Exposure: 1/10sec
Aperture: 2.8
Focal Length: N/A
Flash Used: No
Software: Default Camera
Lens: Default Camera

To continue the FPU work I am going to become a coordinator for Generation Change, the teen version of FPU. I’ll be working with my church’s school’s 8th grade class next year. That is the plan right now.

General came to live with my sister today. That is… after a good grooming. Her job is to take care of him and fatten him up because he is sorely underweight. We went to see him in the back yard but he was knocked out asleep from all the activity of the day. Eva really wanted to go see him and was disappointed that he was sleeping. I was too because I really wanted to get a nice photo of him. But, the General is nearly 100 dog years old (he’s 14), he deserves a little rest. Photos coming eventually.

Eva was excited though because she can feed him treats, lots and lots of them for the time being.

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4 thoughts on “The Start of Something New”

  1. Wow $1,000,000 in combined debut that is a lot. I think it averages about $40,000 per family unity.

    It is nice to see that the group was able to amass $124,000 in savings or debt reduction that is a little over $2k/month per family unity. Those are pretty awesome numbers.

    Good work
    .-= Look at what Andy wrote blog ..Chicken Chase recap =-.

    1. Andy,
      Yeah that is a huge amount for each family unit. And that $124,000 was only from 15 family units who responded to the info.

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