The Things Kids Have Today…

The Things Kids Have Today...
Photo-A-Day #1267

While we were in Florida we made a few trips over to Target. So it wasn’t much different for us from being home. While at Target we saw that Crayola now has a line of crayons for the crawling and toddling set, they are called Tadoodles. There are paints, crayons, markers, stamps and tub crayons. Each of the Tadoodles is a chunky fun to hold crayon that is supposed to help a child 18mo+ become acquainted with the Crayola brand, um I mean start being creative. Actually I have nothing against Crayola, I love them and love that they are making such products for children to express their creativity so much younger.

When we put them in the cart Eva immediately grabbed them and wouldn’t let go until we gave her something else to distract her but even then it was hard to free them from her grip. We also stopped over to Toys ‘R Us. We have never taken Eva to a toy store before and wow she was mesmerized. I’ve never seen her like this before. She recognized some of her own toys though and that was cool. We were looking to pick up her birthday gift as well as some of Earth’s Best baby food. There was a sale.

Today I was home because I needed to visit the neurologist. I wanted to see one about my feet. My diabetes has caused neuropathy in my feet. My feet are constantly tingling and occasionally I get sharp pains. I’m taking something for it but wanted to see if there was anything more I could do. Well it looks like I’ll be getting a lot more soon, I have to go for a Electromyography study. I’ve had one before on my arm.

Back in 1999 the pinky and part of my ring finger on my left hand went numb, constantly. Apparently I had completely pinched my ulnar nerve. It was such a strange feeling and I went though physical therapy and other avenues before I had a round of Electromyography to study my nerves. Let me tell you, that procedure was so painful that when the doctor told me about it today I nearly seized up. I actually cried during the last shock when we were testing my arm. I’m not looking too forward to having that happen on my legs and feet. My feet hurt enough as it is but I suppose this well help me learn more about my condition even if there is no cure for it.

Oh, my arm, eventually I had surgery and had my ulnar nerve moved, I have a wicked scar on my left arm near the elbow.

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