The Toy Whirlwind

Photo-A-Day #3136

This week I wrote a post over at the Cooper & Kid site. It was all about having too many toys or rather asking the question of, how many toys are too many. With my collections of toys and all the toys I have reviewed over the years, plus the kid’s toys things are getting pretty darn crowded, toy-wise. So, we have started going through the toys a bit and thinning them out.

I took Andrew for a haircut today. He was a perfect while he got his hair cut. He didn’t move around or struggle out of my arms. He sat great and watched his Daniel Tiger on the iPad.

Andrew's Haircut

Speaking of the iPad I learned that Target was offering a $200 buyback on first generation iPads. Since our iPads have been pretty much crashing on every app lately I figured that it would be in our best interest to take advantage of this offer and upgrade to the latest iPad, the iPad Air. The iPad Air was on sale but it wasn’t at the store. So, we’ll wait until they have some back in stock and go from a two iPad family to a single iPad family. Hopefully we won’t experience as many crashes.

Activision Family Game Summit Swag

I pulled together a quick video unboxing of the fun swag that I got from the Activision Family Game Summit.

I haven’t annouced it yet but there will be a contest at some point for that Skylanders Swap Force starter pack for the XBox 360.

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2 thoughts on “The Toy Whirlwind”

  1. It’s so hard…after seeing my sister move and noticing the toys for one child filled a room…and half of another I realized that I was helping in the nonsense. I’m thinking it might be better for gifts to get “experiences” like tickets to shows or parks in the future. Bit that’s really not fair because it would mean tying up the time of the parent. So another stuffed animal is joining the collection today…quite literally because I got her Animal from the Muppets. Just can’t seem to win:)

  2. Thanks for let us know about the $200 buyback on first generation iPads at Target. I haven’t seen the iPad Air at my Target yet. Perhaps in the next few weeks.

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