The Urban Challenge

Its like a Reailty show without the smarmy host.

  • Where: Boston
  • When: Saturday, June 18, 2005
  • What: Unique urban adventure!
  • Who: 2-person teams on foot — grab a friend!
  • How: Take photos of yourselves at each checkpoint
  • How: Solve clever clues to find unmarked checkpoint locations
  • How: Solve clues with any means necessary: call friends, use the Internet, trade with other teams, ask folks on the street…
  • How: Trivia Challenge at start of race determines order — savviest teams get a head start.
  • Why: National champions win $50,000 cash!
  • More Info: Learn more about Urban Challenge

I’d love to do this but I’ll be away. Just thought I’d share the info with everyone. Someone might like to go. If you are interested in doing this leave a comment and maybe some folks here will hook up and become a team.

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