Their First Blizzard

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The kiddos got their real first taste of New England weather in a very big way. Their very first blizzard was pretty amazing. We walked out onto the porch and it was covered in snow. The snow had drifted up all around the door and the windows. The snow was nearly higher than Andrew. It was really deep and so I was able to pick up Eva and drop her into the snow right from the porch safely. Same went for Andrew. They loved it. The kids had a bunch of fun throughout the morning and afternoon. Andrew absolutely loved the snow. He tried to eat it, walk around in it, and he laughed and laughed.

Allison and the Kids in the Snow

Allison, Eva and Andrew went up the street to visit with our neighbors who have little kids. They played in their front yard and that even included sledding. I picked up a sled for the kids the day before the blizzard because I knew that they would finally get a chance to do some sledding. Eva loved it so much.

Much Shoveling to Do

I spent my time shoveling, and shoveling and shoveling. I made so many homeowner mistakes this year. Not cleaning up the leaves before the winter. Not buying a snowblower. And parking at the far end of the driveway and not at the top of the driveway. It took me all day and an additional hour after dinner to clear out the driveway and get the cars free. There is now a crazy amount of snow on either side of the driveway as well as in the back yard.

Eva "Helping" me shovel

While I was shoveling Eva came out to “help” me. It is days like these when I wish the kids were 15 or 16 just for a few hours. Just for a couple of hours to help me shovel. I want them to remain kiddos for a long time enjoying everything that is out there for the first time.

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3 thoughts on “Their First Blizzard”

  1. The first time I saw snow I was about 7 years old. I wouldn’t see it again for a few years, so every winter I would get excited at the possibility of snowing, just like you get excited with Father Christmas. Suddenly the world is a play area, and the silence… oh that silence and that change in the sounds around you – your own steps, hardly any traffic, the white and clean surroundings… Yes, I think the different sound of everything is the most impressive thing to me.
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    1. Javier,

      That is such a great way to describe it. When I was finishing shoveling at 7pm the day after the blizzard and I was the only person still out there I noticed the sky was crisper and the stars were brighter and yes, the silence was great. Much better since my neighbor with the loud foul mouth had gone in to sleep it off.

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