Photo-A-Day #2483

Andrew is such a smiling little sweetheart. That is when he isn’t spitting up a ton or screaming like a demon. When he really lets it rip it is chilling. But when he is in his quiet times he is the sweetest little boy ever. I got up with him this morning at 3 or 4, can’t remember. He’s already eaten but I tried to settle him down so Allison could sleep. I rocked him, cuddled him, talked to him but finally it was me putting him in the bouncy seat while I played Skylanders. He watched me play and passed out.

I stayed up from then on the rest of the day. I completed the Skylanders game and also upgraded two characters fully. I upgraded Drobot (We nicknamed him “Droby”) and I also upgraded another character but for the life of me I can’t remember which one. We are now up to 22 characters and there are 10 more to collect. Eva loves the ones that are girls. So I played through and completed the game but the game is so immense that I only completed fully 42% of the game. I need to go back through the levels and complete them to get 3 stars on each one.

Today we installed a cat door on the basement door. Actually Dad installed the cat door. I held the door and helped him flip it and got myself a splinter. That was my contribution.

After that Dad and I went to Precision Harley-Davidson because I had some Harley Chrome Cash that was burning through my pocket and I wanted to get some things for my “Man Cave” that will eventually be in the works. I’m thinking of making that into a video series as I get it cleaned out and start putting it together. I got him a new battery and then I spent the rest of the money on things for the kids. I got two great jackets that are reversible. One side is like a raincoat and the flip side is fleece. Andrew will grow into his and Eva can wear hers now. I also got some nice frames for when they pose with Grandfather on his Harley and I also picked up a play mat called Cycle Town. I think Andrew is going to love that as he gets older.

I also did a major shopping and picked up a steak for the grill. I wanted to go out and grill ever since it snowed for the first time this season but now the snow is gone but I still got out there and grilled a great T-Bone. Oh I miss the summer and grilling.

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One Response to “Things are Looking Up”

  1. Deborah says:

    Good job being a great husband and a good daddy!

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