Think They’ll Let Me Flip A Few?

Think They'll Let Me Flip A Few?
Photo-A-Day #1630

This morning we were up at 4:10am. Our day ahead would consist of flights, a Ford Flex, Steak ‘N Shake, a walk by the water and checking out a huge pile of swag.

First up was the flight to Florida. Really this went so well it was scary. We were up and ready to go out the door by 5:00am. We got to the airport in plenty of time for security and a Dunkin Donuts breakfast. On the plane we ended up with our own row too. I started to get a little excited about having the row to ourselves and as I was crossing my fingers I poked one of them into Eva’s eye. That did not go over well. I felt so bad. However she bounced back like nothing. For a little while the iPod, that I put in the ifrogz tadpole skin, entertained Eva enough to keep her content. Once she wanted attention from momma and dadda there was no stopping her. She was going strong until our most final descent where she konked out right on Allison.

We picked up the rental car and car seat. I have National Executive Selection so we were able to pick whatever we wanted even though I rented a smaller car. I picked the Ford Flex because I liked the look of it and also because it could seat 8. We are going to need every inch of that space to bring all the swag up to Orlando on Wednesday. I do like that I get to rent cars on occasion, or at least I used to be able to when I traveled more. By renting cars it is a great way to test them out and really put them through paces. So far I like the Ford Flex.

We stopped at my mother-in-law’s work and picked her up for lunch. At work Eva ran all over the place meeting everyone that Marcia works with. She was so cute. We went over to Steak ‘N Shake (one of those places that we don’t have up near us at the moment) for lunch. We had a nice time except for a surly waitress. Other than that it was fun for Eva to spend some time with Mimi.

We went to my in-laws place and unpacked. It was then that I got a chance to finally see all the swag that I ordered for IZEAFest and also prizes for my Ultimate IZEAFest Prize Pack winners. So happy to see everything has arrived and can’t wait to give this stuff away. I have some boxes to ship home and maybe to Las Vegas. We will see. Today was also the last day for people to Enter my Win Swag. I took a little shot of my stack of swag. Some of it is obscured. Swag and #ulti...

We had a nice dinner with Dan and Marcia and Eva entertained us all with her rendition of Where the Wild Things Are. I have to catch her saying “I’ll eat you up, I love you so.” That is so cute. Day one of vacation I’d say was a success.

Our day ahead tomorrow is going to be packed too because we are going to the Miami Zoo and this time I remembered to bring the podcast so we can get great info about the animals.

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10 thoughts on “Think They’ll Let Me Flip A Few?”

  1. Super excited about IZEAFest, swag or no swag! I have loved looking over you blog, as a work at home mom, I know it is hard, LOve how you kids are part of the story… so many ppl tell of their lives, jobs, careers, without mentioning that no matter if they are with you are not, they are part of the picture.
    Plus I think you seem crazy funny which is refreshing.
    Excited in GA!

  2. Meredith,
    Thanks very much for taking a stroll around my blog and leaving me some comments, that was really nice of you. Also like that you enjoy the way I post things here.

    Looking forward to meeting you at IZEAFest

  3. Lenny,
    I thought that Sonic was going to be in Peabody? The place is good for drinks the food is just like any other fast food place though.

  4. The Sonic up here is on Route One north, either in Peabody or Lynnfield…I never know exactly where one town starts and another ends up that way…LOL. We drove past it last week and it looked open.

    We bought our last two cars after having rented them…first the Ford Escort, then the Ford Focus. We also discovered cars that we didn’t like via renting. We got stuck with a Ford Taurus as a loaner once when our car was in the shop. I hated that thing, and called it “the battleship”.

    I hope you all have a fantastic time on your vacation! 😀
    .-= Look at what Christine wrote blog ..And $550 later… =-.

  5. Christine,
    It is in Peabody. We’ve been watching the progress of this for a while because Allison loves the Raspberry Lime drinks.

    Renting first makes big time sense. That way you can put a car through its paces.

    Thanks for the vacation wishes we’ve had a great time so far.

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