Rush Hour! game by ThinkFun!

Review/Giveaway: ThinkFun’s Rush Hour

Rush Hour! game by ThinkFun!

I was given a download code for the iPad App version of Rush Hour, a popular puzzle game from ThinkFun! I first learned about this game from our friends Amy and Ryan. Amy had this for her son, Mason. I was drawn to the game because the pieces were shaped like cars and trucks. Ryan and Amy had the physical Rush Hour game and the iPad app captures the fun of the game perfectly.

Game play is pretty simple. You get a game board with cars positioned on it including blocking cars and a red escape car. The blocking cars must be moved out of the way so that the escape car can get out of the side of the game grid. The object is to get out of the grid in the least amount of moves. With the physical game you get challenge cards and have to set up the grid to match the card. With the iPad app the grid is set for you automatically and each move that you make is recorded.

I really enjoy the iPad app because while it starts out simple it becomes challenging quickly enough to suck you in and keep you playing. The game is also simple enough for a child to play. I have this app to Eva and let her go to town. I showed her how it worked the first time and then reset the board and let her play. She was itching to get her hands on the game so that she could play. She loves games and she figures out things on the iPad quickly.

Eva amazed me with how quickly she was able to figure out the puzzles. then I noticed that she had found the hint button and she saw that by pressing that button it moved the cars for her. So one time I saw that she used the hint button the whole time. This is one thing that I think should be changed on the game. I think that in the options you should have the option to turn off the hint button or even limit how many times you can use it.

The other thing that I think would be fun would be a head to head mode where you can play with two iPads and race against a friend. I thought of that right while I was writing this post. I think that with the capabilities of the iPads and wireless connectivity that you should be able to play against a friend in a timed match.

The app works on the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. There is even a version for the Android platform. It is a great adaptation of a physical game to a digital format. But don’t take my word for it you can try the game for yourself. There is a free version but also I have THREE copies of the game to give away to lucky readers. Here is how you can win.

Ways to Enter
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    1. It looks like they have some really cool games to try. I think my favorite childhood game would be Twister. I was so leggy as a child I could win almost all the time.

  1. I loved the “Fifteen Puzzle” and got really good at it. I never knew it had an actual name. I always called it the sliding number puzzle thingy and it was made out of plastic.

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