Hot Wheels Thor Ragnarok Cars

Thor: Ragnarok Themed Hot Wheels Vehicles

Thor Ragnarok Themed Hot Wheels Vehicles
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I found some Thor: Ragnarok themed Hot Wheels at Walmart. This is a 5 character themed car set. These are not Character cars but rather a nice set of cars for less than $5. I knew that the set was coming out and almost always find these type sets at Walmart. Below I have images of all cars and also the box that they are in.

This is what the box looks like.

Thor Ragnarok Cars

If you are in the store then you can certainly find this box easily. It looks fantastic.

Hulk and Thor themed Hot Wheels Car

There is one car inside that is themed for both Hulk and Thor. It is a humvee that has differently colored wheels. The rear are green for Hulk and the front is Red for Thor.

Hela Themed Hot Wheels Car

The Hela car is is an amazing American Muscle car. The lines on this vehicle are amazing. It really captures the character design of Hela and the colors work perfectly as well.

Hulk Themed Hot Wheels Car

The Hulk themed car is also well suited to Hulk. Elements like his helmet from the arena as a reverse spoiler on the roof of a green bulky van.

Valkyrie Themed Hot Wheels Car

Valkyrie is a fierce fighter and her themed vehicle makes a lot of sense in that it is a muscle car that demands to be taken seriously.

Thor Themed Hot Wheels Car

The Thor themed car is probably the best one in terms of design. The spoiler on the roof looks like the wings on Thor’s helmet and the rear bucket is red like his cape. The front scoop is blue like his new colors and look. And the car being a hot rod with an exposed engine speaks to Thor’s new look in the movie.

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