Thursday Night Comedy & CSI Hs/Ss 11/09/06

Last night we couldn’t stop laughing from 8-9. Here’s what I have to say, Allison will add her thoughts later, probably after the weekend. I’m a little late, but here are my thoughts!

My Name is Earl – So the Crab Man wasn’t always the Crab Man. What I loved about the episode. Randy asking if Mr. Turtle was in the Witness Protection program too. Crab Man living with Earl and Randy. Randy in general. The holes in the trailer. Nickels. Earl and the small suit. Earl mimicking Catalina. I really like the group getting more exposure. The Crab Man talking about the mix up in the Witness Protection Program.

My Name is Earl – This was a great episode. I really like the Crab Man. It was great to see that he has an interesting history, even if we don’t know it. Randy was hysterical. I love that he called in to report that the man on the billboard was Crab Man. He’s too funny!

The Office – Future Dwight. That opening scene had me and Allison rolling with laughter. Jim is so funny and next week he heads back to Scranton. Glad he’s coming back. I liked the storyline with him in CT. Jim talking about the office closing. Magic Beans. Ryan’s plight. Kelly’s mascara streaks. Kevin’s, “Awesome!” This was one of the best episodes this entire season. I love that next week Jim and that girl from CT (not sure of her name) are heading to Scranton. Now Jim is going to be above Dwight. That will make for some great scenes between the two of them. I love the stuff that Jim has been doing from CT but to have he and Dwight interact again will be great. The upcoming love square between Roy, Pam, Jim and new girl is going to be fun, and probably heartbreaking. I just keep seeing better and better from this show.

The Office – YEAH!!! Jim is coming back!!!!! I am so excited. Jim and Dwight in the same office again! And it sounds like Jim will get a promotion to a position over Dwight – this only means that hilarity will ensue!! Yeah Jim is back!
Oh yeah – Future Dwight??? BRILLIANT!!!

CSI – This episode served to move along two of the underlying storylines this season. First the miniature crime scene model making serial killer is back. But this time things didn’t go as planned when the actual murder occurred. So the model was not at the crime scene. M.M.S.K. had to change the model to fit the actual events. Second there was an inquiry on Greg because of the boy that died the night Greg was attacked. The family maintains that D.J. (the boy) was not part of the gang and he was a good person.

Some of the best parts from last night. Grissom’s opening line before the intro song. Not a snappy line that makes light of the dead, but rather acknowledged that the victim was a person. Hodges dancing to “Word Up.” Hodges and Grissom looking at the model. I don’t like Hodges to much but sometimes his scenes are pretty good. Nick on the stand kicking butt and saying exactly what was on his mind. Greg’s trouble with the whole thing. Greg on the witness stand totally smacking down the possibility of alcohol imparing his judgement. that kicked. I like Greg because he is an accessible character and can be easily identified with. Warrick and Stokes helping Greg out by recreating what happened. D.J. Qualls guest starring. This was a good episode to move along those storylines, neither of which are complete. I see the little brother trying to get revenge at some point. We shall see.

CSI – This was a great episode. I hated the flashbacks to Greg’s attacks, because I hate that kind of violence, but the episode was great. I like the serial killer storyline.

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