Ticketmaster sucks…

It is once again Jimmy Buffett ticket time and also time for the yearly rant about the suckiness of the big evil ticket giant Ticket -#!@$!’n- Master. Actually this year we did much better than last year.

Marcia was 2nd in line at Filenes and she got 6 reserved lawn tickets for Saturday. But guess what? We can’t even use them! So it looks like Thursday will most likely be the day that we may be looking to trade for tickets. Shouldn’t be a problem.

My buddy Peter got 6 reserved lawn tickets for Thursday. We are buying two from him. We used AOL Instant messenger to communicate while buying tickets, it was a fast and frantic morning, but overall pretty fun way to do something like this.

Allison and I got blocked out of the site and got nothing.

In preparation for getting tickets this year I put on my Far Side of the World 2002 shirt and my Mardis Gras beads, a Hawaiian shirt, three Buffett books, (Where is Joe Merchant, A Salty Piece of Land and Tales from Margaritaville) and the Margarita glass Allison made for everyone in 2003. I had two computers fired up to get tickets and set up some Buffett to play on the computer as well as the 3 Buffett books up on display. All to give me some good karma in buying tickets. Apparently my seething hatred of the evil that is ticketmaster negated all my good Buffett karma.

Hulk mad and apparently constitpated.

If I could get my hands on Ticket – !@#!@’n – Master

The Buffett Good Karma Shrine

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2 thoughts on “Ticketmaster sucks…”

  1. I’ve been there…I’m sorry…it’s still not as bad as the Red Sox frigging virtual waiting room…but it’s just as frustrating!! I hope you finally get what you are looking for!!!

  2. Sorry to hear about the ticket troubles. Well if you want to come visit me out in Wisconsin he’s playing here Saturday June 10th at Alpine Valley. Tickets go on sale tomorrow morning (13th) at 10am. Let me know if you want me to pick up a few.



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