Tickled Princess Pink

Photo-A-Day #2288

Today we got into some painting. All that prep and we’re now ready to put some color on those walls. We painted the Master Bedroom, Nursery and Eva’s Room. For those rooms we still need to get the trim done and they will be finished. We’ve also got the office, hallway and the living room to paint. Luckily the hallway and the living room do not need to be primed because We’re using Aura paint and that is self priming and really good stuff. The office will need the most work with filling nail holes on all the new trim and wainscoting, then sanding that, priming it and then painting.

One room we finished today was Eva’s room. Her room has a blue ceiling and pink walls. A complete princess room. Wait until it is complete with what Allison has for the ceiling (she’ll be painting something special once the baby arrives). I wanted to catch Eva’s reaction to seeing her room for the first time. She had seen the ceiling earlier but seeing the color pink on the wall was what she’d been looking forward to.

I added More new photos to my New House Remodeling set.

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