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I have Seven blogs. Five are being hosted on Blogger which is free but is restricted. Also no one wants a blogger account to do any advertising for them, regardless of the popularity of that blog. It is unfair but true. So, what is a guy who makes a little bit of money with his blogs to do? He’s got to find a way to self host his blogs. That is what he has to do. I want to get the most for my money so I am going to want to find the best web hosting services possible.

I found a site called Top 10 Web Hosting that spells out exactly what you get for your money at the top 10 web hosting sites online. This site tells you the monthly fees, the amount of space you get, the amount of bandwidth you get. You can also compare overall ratings of each and every one of the web hosting solutions.

So I feel that it is time to get web hosting for my blog The Wired Kayaker. I would like to find the type of hosting that will allow me to put up my monthly (I’m shooting for monthly) podcasts so that I can have them automatically be added to iTunes. I will need storage space and good bandwidth. Luckily I can look at Top 10 Web Hosting and quickly determine which service will best meet my needs.

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17 thoughts on “Time to find hosting…”

  1. Thanks Tim,
    That is a good thing to know. I would like to have everything in one place so I could keep much better track of them all. I will check out your review as well.

  2. I’ll take a look at that tomorrow. Recommendation coming your way, thanks. I added you to my favorites and I also submitted an ad.

  3. I have been using GoDaddy, partially because when I buy used domain names from TDNAM I don’t have to waste all that time transferring them. They have been very reliable and reasonably priced so far.

  4. Hi Tim,
    I am using Go Daddy for this blog because that is what I signed up with at first. I have free hosting for my blog Read To Me, Dad for one year and The rest are on blogger.

  5. I used to host on hostGator since long time since I opened my own. I think hosetGator is still the best around the hosting company and very outstanding customer service they have.


  6. I would suggest checking out cheapsitehosting.biz if you are looking for a good package that offers a reliable and affordable service.

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