I’ve been going into Target for months watching the prices on the Skylanders Special Edition Wii that had the exclusive Gnarly Tree Rex in it. The whole set is $149 but has gone as low as $119. It is the full version of Skylanders Giants plus three figures including Gnarly Tree Rex (A Black and Blue repaint of Tree Rex). I have been tempted on more than one occasion to buy that set but then practicality sets in and I realize that we just replaced our Wii with a Wii U. Why would I need a second Wii when we don’t even use our old Wii anymore. I could say that the wiimote inside and nunchuck plus Gnarly Tree Rex might be worth it at the $119 price. But I didn’t buy it and the price went back up to $129 and then back to $149. They haven’t sold many at any price so I wait and I watch. But I decided to go another route.

I was checking out eBay and for the heck of it I wanted to see the prices for Gnarly Tree Rex. Some people were selling him at 60 and 70 dollars. But I found one for under $40. I bought him because he is truly a scarce figure. I won’t go buying figures that are artificially scarce because of eBay scalpers. Other figures that have come out will be out en masse later this month or the next one. You just have to wait, however when a figure is completely exclusive to a set that is impractical to buy it is much more scarce. I just hope that he is not released as an individual figure or I’m going to certainly kick myself.

That being said the person that I bought Gnarly Tree Rex from packed it perfectly and shipped it fast and with great care. I like doing business with good eBayers like that.

With Gnarly Tree Rex I upgraded him along the separate path from the original Tree Rex. I love his Flying Elbow upgrade which is fantastic.

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