Time to put up the Mini Trees

Photo-A-Day #2812

The family tradition of tiny personal trees for the kids continues. Eva and Andrew each have a tree of their own and if they had enough room in their rooms then the trees would be there but for now the trees are in the second floor landing. I love having them there because we can all enjoy them as a family.

We decorated the trees tonight. Andrew enjoyed playing with the shatterproof decorations. Eva loved putting on all of her special ornaments from over the years. Each year we buy the kids one new ornament for their trees and we buy a family one that we can place a photo inside of. Eva got a Pocahontas one and Andrew a Snoopy one. We’ve been doing this for a few years and are starting to amass a decent collection of family photos on the tree. I really love doing that.

Tonight I started reading Eva the book Superfudge. The two of us were laughing really hard at it. Poor Allison was contending with a tough little customer in Andrew. He just would not give up and go to sleep. Eventually he did go but he is one stubborn kid when he doesn’t want to go down to sleep.

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