Wreck-It Ralph inspired Cake

Time to Wreck-It

Photo-A-Day #2772

I received this fun Wreck-It Ralph T-Shirt the other day and couldn’t wait to wear it. I saw the movie a few weeks ago and am looking forward to seeing it again. Eva keeps talking about the movie every time the commercial comes on she asked when we are going to see it. We played with the Wreck-It Ralph Storybook Deluxe app together and she loved making her own Sugar Rush Racer.

I think we might even download this paper-craft to Build Your Own Game Cabinet Wreck-It Ralph.

Wreck-It Ralph Game Cabinet

So many cool Wreck-It Ralph things happening including this great cake inspired by the movie.

Wreck-It Ralph inspired Cake

This cake was made by Ricky Webster of The Sweeter Side Blog. You can follow him and his awesome creations on Twitter at @Ricky_Webster

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4 thoughts on “Time to Wreck-It”

    1. Ricky,

      I’m always impressed with people who can make physical things that are so incredible like your cakes. I’ll be checking in for more cool things from you.

  1. Your shirt is awesome!!! Gina loved the movie btw. We already want her to be Vannelope next Halloween. It’s so fun! That cake is so cool!

    1. Mo,

      I love the shirt. That is cute about Gina wanting to be Vanellope. Eva hasn’t seen the movie yet but keeps talking about it so we will go and see it soon. I hope you Told Ricky that you like his cake, he was really very nice and interactive with me.

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