Tink and The Princesses

Tink and The Princesses
Photo-A-Day #1500

Today was a really nice day in the park with Mimi, Grandpa Dano and Auntie Mo. We started with a wonderful character breakfast and then we hit the park.

I’m running late again so I’ll post a full post soon.

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6 thoughts on “Tink and The Princesses”

  1. It was SUCH an awesome day…and even though they said “please” I’m glad that you didn’t let the fairies keep Eva like they wanted to!!

  2. Mo,
    I know, they would have brought her to the hidden hollow or whatever they call the fairy princess location. I only got through half the movie on the plane ride home, it was actually pretty funny.

    We had a wonderful time seeing you this weekend. Can’t wait to see you again.

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