So about 20 minutes ago I went out and filled up Allison’s car. Herein Manchester there is competition at the supermarkets and Stop and Shop gives out $0.45 off per gallon coupons after you spend $100.00 in the store, and you also get a $10.00 gift card. Back home, we get squat! Dan had an extra coupon because he never uses them fast enough. We could use 3 a week. So I drove over and got gas at Stop and Shop. With my Stop & Shop card I got $0.05 off per gallon, and then with the $0.45 off per gallon that made the savings $0.50 a gallon. It made my $2.43 & 9/10 a gallon only $1.97 & 9/10 a gallon. I hate that dang extra 9/10 is it a scam. But I was happy to pay under two dollars a gallon.

I decided to go into the supermarket and buy some scallops wrapped in bacon because we are having appetizers at the house prior to the meal at Piccola. Now here is where I spread my Christmas Cheer.

As I was walking into the supermarket some random guy says to me. “Look at you with no jacket.” and I smiled and said, “Nope, no jacket.” and I kept walking. Then I hear him say, “Pretty tough guy.”

Okay, one of my pet peeves, since I have a ton of them is random people talking to me. Keep your opinions to yourself when you meet me in public. I don’t need to know that the line is long and you have been waiting. Shut it and deal. I don’t need to know your sob story. I don’t want to know how frustrated you are with the flight delay. Deal with it in quiet. So when this guy randomly remarked to me about my lack of jacket I really wanted to say, “Look at you with the minding of your own business. Thanks but, I have a wife, mother and mother-in-law so you must know that your opinion is what really matters.” But since I am in a seasonable mood I just smiled and continued on. Annoyed enough to blog about it now. And yes I know I am sharing my frustrations and annoyances with you, but you chose to come here. You know what I am like. I’m a curmudgeon.

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  1. skeet says:

    Oh dear! You wouldn’t want to be in line with me at Wallyworld! My specialty is flirting with fussy little people & getting them to smile, but this frequently leads to coversations about the DVD the parent is buying, or how difficult it is to deal with a baby in a carrier today because of the rain. Random encounters with stragers who will probably never meet again. Ships passing in the night & all that. To me it is just part of the day-to-day social exchange, a little feel-good moment of human contact in the midst of the drudgery of running errands and such. I don’t think about it, I just do it. If I’m rebuffed or ignored I understand that it’s unwanted conatact and apologize or just shut up, whichever seems more appropriate. Most of the time it’s a reciprocal thing, with both of us participating for that few moments.

    That being said, maybe my propensity for this sort of thing comes from living alone and doing most of my work alone. Conversations with my dogs can be rather one-sided. :0D

  2. Drew says:

    Well, that is one way to look at it. I however am not often that cheery. I am just not. I travel a lot. I spend too much time in the public and the public collective drives me crazy. I try to ignore the things that bug me and I do while in the moment, I am a very patient person. But I usually take all my frustration and vent it here on this blog. Once I tag all my past posts there will be a common theme of airport, and rant that will slowly come to light. For the most part if it is a friendly exchange fine no problem. I’ve been known to talk with a stranger on a plane from time to time. It is usually that person who doesn’t understand that putting a book in front of ones face means that one would like to read on the plane. Sometimes those conversations are very nice.

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